Kranich's Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee you will get the best value and service from Kranich's Jewelers. If you feel you have found a better value, call and tell us about it! We will not only try to match it, we will try to BEAT IT!!

We have over 100 years experience.

We will honor all coupons and match all published prices.

We want to earn your business. We create customers for life!!

In order to honor our guarantee, the item must be identical to ours. We must make sure it is “apples to apples”. Offer excludes all clearance or closeout merchandise offered by others. Offer excludes all unauthorized dealers of merchandise. This guarantee can not be combined with any other Kranich’s offer or coupon. Kranich’s must live within designer’s pricing guidelines on certain items. Kranich’s can not match prices below our actual cost.

Kranich’s Jewelers, 5580 Goods Ln. Suite 1079, Altoona, PA 16602, United States, Phone: 814 944 5454