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Our Most Popular January Styles

Heart Shaped Garnet Bracelet in 14k Yellow Gold
Adorable Heart Shaped Garnet Earrings
Sterling Garnet and Diamond Infinity Bracelet

Other Popular January Styles

Gorgeous 14k Yellow Gold Garnet Bracelet
Lovely 8mm Garnet Earrings
Lovely Red Garnet Tear Drop Earrings
14k Fancy Heart Diamond and Garnet Bracelet
Exquisite Garnet and Diamond Bracelet 14k Yellow Gold
Elegant Oval Garnet Bracelet
Exquisite Oval Garnet Ring with Diamonds
Garnet and Diamond Bracelet in 14k White Gold
Garnet & Diamond Pendant
Beautiful Diamond and Garnet Birthstone Ring
Garnet and Diamond Ring
Large Emerald Cut Garnet Earrings
Beautiful Garnet and Diamond Birthstone Ring
January Birthstone and Diamond Ring
Dazzling 14k Yellow Gold Garnet Bracelet
Elegant Garnet and Diamond Bracelet in 14k White Gold
Red Garnet Convertable Earrings
Alluring Emerald Cut Garnet Earrings
8mm Heart Shaped Garnet Earrings
Marvelous Garnet And Diamond Earrings

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