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Baguette Cut Diamond Rings

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About Baguette Cut Diamond Rings

A perfect model of Art-deco jewelry, the Baguette cut diamonds have been named after the French word for a narrow loaf of bread. Found mostly as side stones, these diamonds can be a good choice for bands and engagement rings as well. Studded with square corners and steps-like ridge running along the table, this cut is apparently less complex, more visible and does not intimidate you at all. A nexus of these diamonds can make perfect necklaces, bands, bracelets etc and the blemishes are easy to find in this cut.

When you want to gift your loved one something less-flashy, sober and serene like your love, Baguette Cut Diamond engagement ring would be the ideal one. Baguette diamonds are free of extra trappings and lend a sense of purity and clarity to the piece they are embedded in. A Baguette cut diamond engagement ring exudes a subdued shimmer that pleases your heart with a subtle hint of romantic tease that is hard to resist. Take a tour of Kranich's to enjoy witnessing the most eclectic and ravishing diamond collection you have ever seen.

Kranich's is happy to present our glittering collection of Diamond Baguette Ring engagement rings, bracelets, and pendants. A classic cut used prominently for decoration and side stones, these pieces reflect the artistry and beauty of this unique cut. Featuring designs by such notable names in the industry as Simon G, Ritani, and Gregg Ruth, we're certain you'll find a diamond baguette ring for every budget and taste. Make these elegant baguette diamonds a part of the dream ring on our Design My Own Engagement Ring page, or find the perfect selection right here!

This gorgeous selection includes a diverse range of Diamond Jewelry that all feature the Diamond Baguette Cut, a classic choice that is timeless and built to be cherished. If you have a special proposal in mind, the you will be looking for a gorgeous piece to sweep her off her feet? A Diamond Baguette Ring makes a truly romantic gesture that will do just that! Choose from a range of designer engagement pieces, with sparkling centre stones such as a Princess or Round cut Diamonds, that are then further accentuated by Baguette Cut Diamonds to create a truly devastating effect! If you are after a Wedding Band, then why not go for something spectacular like one of these Baguette Diamond Ring designs. Such as the stunning Simon G Baguette Diamond Ring, which features a classic band design with a dazzling arrangement of Baguette Cut Diamonds a really show-stopping piece! Take a look through this beautiful range and find the right design to complete your proposal. If you are feeling creative, Kranich's offers you the unique opportunity to showcase your artistic flair with our Design My Own Engagement Ring page, this amazing feature allows you to get the exact piece that you want, how you want it! Incorporate Baguette Cut Diamonds into your design!