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Pg 3 | Belle Etoile

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About Pg 3 | Belle Etoile

Kranich's Jewelers proudly offers a huge selection of gorgeous Belle Etoile Jewelry including Belle Etoile Rings and other Belle Etoile Enamel Jewelry. Take a look through these triuphant designer pieces and find the right piece to suit your style.

Belle Etoile Jewelry is a gorgeous stylized collection that truly brings the art of jewelry crafting to life. The stunning designs featured in this collection can all be classed as works of art, with a whole number of individual ranges to choose between amongst this extensive selection, there is something to appeal to the tastes of a variety of jewelry lovers. This french inspired range, has been heavily influenced by the natural landscape and culture that can only be associated with this romantic country. The Cherry Blossom, Papillon and Fleur divisions are all reflections of the scenic, wild landscapes that are easy to come across between each city. These designs feature bright and bold colors another depiction present with the french flair! For true avant-garde designs, the rubber Belle Etoile collection, is over-flowing with surprising pieces that have a real city feel to them. Like in Paris this range gives you the sensation that anything could happen, these rubbered designs highlight this perfectly in a unique and sensational way! If images of the Atlantic or Mediterranean coasts float your boat, you will adore the under the sea Belle Etoile Jewellery available here. The designs sparkle and shine, with stunning color usage and glittering CZs, a perfect choice to brighten any day.

Add some chicness into your wardrobe with Belle Etoile Jewelry. Choose from Belle Etoile Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces and more. These designs are guaranteed to create an impact, oh la la! Belle Etoile Jewellery makes a great gift choice for a woman with style, show her your unique vision with one of these extravagant designs! Browse through this fabulous selection available at Kranich's and find the perfect piece for you or her!