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About Classico

Finding the right symbol to represent your union can be a difficult task; after all you are looking for a piece to last a lifetime. It needs to be classic, stylish and of course breathtaking! Verragio Classico is a range crafted with all this on mind, they don’t want you to simply fall in love with their design at first glance, they want you to fall in love at every glance! If you want to surprise your loved with a romantic proposal, then the decision making process is going to be left down to mostly you. Yes, you may have family and friends that will lend a hand but ultimately it is you who will pick which piece to go for. This Classico collection ensures that any ring chosen from this range will be the right decision, you simply cannot fault this stunning range! With breathtaking arrangements that focus on highlighting the “piece de resistance” the beautifully cut diamond, this range is a winner every time! Visit Kranich’s and take a look through this dazzling engagement jewelry collection.