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Cushion Diamond Rings

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About Cushion Diamond Rings

A Cushion cut diamond lends an antique charm that shines bewitchingly brilliant in the warm glow of candlelight. Also referred to as Candlelight diamond, Pillow cut, Peruzzi cut and the Old Mine cut, the predominant cut of the yester years is making a grand come-back to take you back into the time. Large aspects and rounded edges give it a cushion like shape in the middle, hence the name. The multi-facets of the cut enable huge volumes of light to undergo refraction resulting in an accentuated glitter when placed before a candle.

Propose to your love with a Cushion Cut diamond ring in the midst of a romantic dinner and see how gladly she accepts your proposal. An assortment of diamond jewelry, bridal jewelry, rings, bracelets and ear rings are available for sale at Kranich's. Make the best moments of your life memorable with Kranich's diamonds. A vintage rarity beckons you to lose yourself in the old-world charm at Kranich's. Hop-in for a ride today!

Kranich's is proud to present a fine selection of Cushion Cut Diamond Rings! Each Cushion Cut Diamond Ring we offer prominently displays a simply gorgeous cushion cut diamond center stone that shines like a beacon! Draw eyes and envy with these bold cushion cut diamond rings, featuring designs by world-renowned jewelcrafters such as Simon G, Ritani, and Verragio. You'll feel like you're walking on air with one of these beautiful cushion cut diamond rings on your finger. Browse our selection and find the ring of your dreams today!

Make a truly stylish statement and get her a Cushion Cut Diamond Ring, these dazzling designs are the epitome of taste. The opulent Cushion Cut Diamond found in the centre of these designs, convey luxury and beauty to perfection. If you are looking to make an impact with your gift, a Cushion Diamond Ring will have the desired effect! Kranich's has put together a wondrous collection from a selection of celebrated jewelery designers. Each Jewelcrafter has offered their individual take on the Cushion Cut Diamond Ring, take a look through and see which designs appeal to your senses! For lovers of unique and colorful jewelry, the Sapphire and Heard Diamond Ring is an astonishing piece, with a beautifully Cushion Cut Sapphire, a really original take on a classic design. How about a bright and optimistic Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond? Take her breath away with one of these remarkable pieces, not only are they awe-inspiring in design, but the color yellow conveys notions of spring and new beginnings, a truly romantic notion!

Choose a Cushion Cut Diamond Ring for your engagement. Pick from our gorgeous bridal designs and find her a piece that she can wear with pride and cherish always. This selection includes Cushion Cut Diamonds as the centre piece, but the design and mounting of these diamonds is widely diverse, browse through and find the perfect piece to sweep her off her feet. Take a look through this stunning collection today and see exactly what Kranich's has to offer!