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DOG FEVER BRACELETS Are A Warm Hug For Your Wrist

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About DOG FEVER BRACELETS Are A Warm Hug For Your Wrist

DOG FEVER BRACELETS Encircle Your Wrist in a Dog Hug

Dog Fever Bracelets are a Circle of Love to Express Dog Owner's Joy About Their Dog Breed

Our Dog Fever Bracelet collection available at Kranich's jewelers are fine sterling silver and enamel Bracelets sure to please you and all the dog owners who are passionate about their dogs. Enjoy wearing your favorite dog breed image on a polished, Italian designed, Dog Fever Bracelet. Our canine friends are adorable wrapped around your wrist, you will be delighted with the beautiful image and quality of the dog breeds sculpted on your Dog Fever Bracelet. A Dog Fever Bracelet will remind you of your loyal companion when you need a smile as you carry on through a busy day. Every charming, handmade, quality dog bracelet is cast in sterling silver then hand enameled to colorful likenesses of your favorite dog breed. Dog owners are delighted to receive a gleaming Dog Fever Bracelet and you too should indulge yourself and display your affection for your best canine friend. Men and women alike love the Dog Fever Bracelets. Find the perfect dog bracelet for yourself or a friend devoted to their loyal pooch. Order your specific dog breed hug bracelet, all your dog lover friends will envy the sweet little puppy that you have warming your wrist and your heart. Dog Fever Bracelets are the perfect gift for dog lovers.

Dog Fever Bracelets, Dog Hug Bracelets are Simply Irresistible!

View the dog bracelets in the hugger style that will gently warm your wrist and your heart. These Dog Fever bracelets with the image of your dog hugging your wrist are simply irresistible! Your best buddy can be with you all day. The Dog Fever Dog Hug Bracelets show your enthusiasm for the characteristics and personality specific to your dog breed. Dog Fever Bracelets are beautiful gifts for the dog lover! Dog Fever Bracelets for yourself and all the pet lovers you know are the best, they simply melt your heart.

Dog Fever's Dog Head Bracelets Charming and Understated with Your Sweet Puppy's Face!

Dog Fever Dog Head bracelets are elegantly strung with sterling silver beads that frame the sweet face of your dear canine companion. The quality and craftsmanship offer classy Italian styling with a jewel of a paw print to clasp it. You will simply cherish this sweet treasure! When you are not with your best dog friend, enjoy this little portrait in silver. The Dog Fever Dog Head Bracelets show your affection for the characteristics and personality specific to your dog's breed. Dog Fever Bracelets are beautiful gifts for any dog fan!

Order a Dog Fever Bracelet for yourself and all the pet lovers you know, it will simply melt your heart.

The DOG FEVER BRACELET is the Perfect Gift for Yourself or a Friend Devoted to Their Loyal Pooch.

Wrap Your Dog Around Your Wrist! Popular Dog Breed Bracelets for Dog Owners.

Bull Terrier, Cavalier King, Chihuahua, Dachshund Teckel, English Bulldog,
French Bulldog, Labrador, Poodle, Pug, Weimaraner, Yorkshire

American Staffordshire, Beagle, Bull Terrier, Cavalier King, Dachshund, English Bulldog,
French Bulldog, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Maltese, Poodle, Pug, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire

* Dog Fever Hug Bracelets in the image of your best canine friend.
* Dog Fever Bracelets are handmade in sterling silver or enamel on sterling.
* Dog Fever Bracelets created in the image of your favorite dog breed.
* Dog Fever Bracelets are the perfect gift for devoted dog lovers.
* Dog Fever Bracelets will delight you every time you look at them.
* Great for Men, Women and Children!

Check Out All the Styles of DOG FEVER Bracelets at Kranich's and Order Yours Today!

The Adorable Dog Fever Bracelets Will Make You Fall in "Puppy Love" Buy a Dog Hug or Charm Bracelet for Yourself and the Other Dog Lovers You Know!

Call 888-944-4575, Chat or Visit Kranich's if you want to speak to one of our helpful experts. We enjoy helping our customers with meaningful gifts of from this Dog Fever jewelry collection.