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Enamel Silver

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About Enamel Silver

Need a little kick to bring your wardrobe to life? Kranich’s jewelers has just the collection that will set you in the right direction; the Enamel Silver Jewelry path! This fantastic selection is filled with beautiful designs from noted jewelry designers such as Hidalgo, Haggai and Belle Etoile. Take a look through our broad exciting range and choose from our Enamel Silver Rings and Bracelets and much more. These gorgeous enamel pieces are fashion favorites with their use of bright colors and bold designs, with so many stunning designs to choose from you may find it tricky to narrow your wish list! Lovers of animals and nature are going to simply adore the super sweet designs available, such as the Belle Etoile Flamingo Turquoise Pink Bangle a gorgeous sparkling design! Or behold the more abstract patterned pieces available that mix and match gold’s with startling color arrangements as well as precious gems, take a minute to browse through this gorgeous range and see for yourself, visit Kranich’s today!