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Kranichs Custom Jewelry

custom designed jewelry, you design a diamond engagement ring or wedding bands, anniversary rings custom designed with your chosen stones and precious metals

Unique, Custom Designed Jewelry. One-of-a-Kind, Made With Love, Just For You.

The jewelry you choose to wear makes a statement about who you are. We pride ourselves on having a large selection of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, but sometimes it isn't quite what you are looking for and you have a special meaningful design that you want to be just right. That is where our Custom Jewelry Design makes all your dreams of that perfect piece of jewelry come true. Even though this process may seem to be overwhelming and expensive, we will show you that it is neither of those. You can design your custom engagement rings and wedding bands at an affordable price. Work with one of our experienced and talented jewelry makers to craft an excellent custom design that reflects your style and good taste.

Custom Jewelry Design. For Engagements, Wedding Bands and Anniversaries.

Build a Gorgeous Custom Designed Engagement Ring or Craft your Custom Designed Wedding Bands and Anniversary Bands. Call Us Today!

Create a custom diamond engagement ring made just for your beautiful bride, craft stunning custom wedding bands for the bride and groom's special moment, custom design that anniversary ring or jewelry piece you have been wanting for years. Our custom jewelry design experts will help you with your custom designed jewelry made in gleaming gold or platinum, sparkling diamonds, sapphires or other precious gems and metals. Chat, call or visit one of our locations. We work with folks all across the United States, so contact us, we will gladly help you.

Work with a Kranich's Custom Jewelry Design Specialist. Below is Our Custom Design Process:

Meet with one of our Custom Design Specialists. When this first step happens, our custom design jewelry specialist will show you pieces of jewelry from our case with the similar attributes that you desire for your own custom design and sketch out your custom jewelry ideas with you. Sketching it out helps us and you to see how the realistic patterns and decorations you want will fit for the type of custom jewelry you want.

Custom Jewelry Design Sketch. Work with our experienced jewelry designers to create your own sketch of your custom designed engagement ring. Choose your diamond, precious metal, filigree, engraving, mountings and design your wedding bands too.

Our Custom Design Specialist will take your ideas that have been sketched out and communicate this custom design sketched with one of our CAD Specialists. The CAD specialist will create an engineered rendering of the ring you designed using the latest jewelry design technologies.


Custom Engagement Ring ring design and beautifully custom designed wedding bands for brides and grooms. Make them your own custom design of gold, platinum or diamonds, sapphires and other precious metals and gem stones.

Once the CAD images of your custom designed piece of jewelry has been created, we will send the engineered design images to you via email or set up a time that you can come in and view them along with your Kranich's Custom Design Specialist. After you receive the images and review them, you will be able to make any small and necessary changes and for the first time along with your custom design specialist and see your custom jewelry design come to life on the computer screen. Very Exciting!


Design you own custom platinum and gold diamond engagement and wedding rings. Unique designs we help you build. Custom wedding bands for the bride and groom.

After the final tweaks are made in step 3, a wax mold is cast of your custom piece of jewelry. You will have the option to view the wax mold in person before the precious metal is poured. From this mold your custom jewelry will be created.


view custom crafted diamond engagement ring settings you pick the gems and gold, platinum mountings for your own custom designed rings.

The precious metal you choose, whether it is platinum, white gold or yellow gold, will be poured using the wax mold of the custom design you created. Then the special gemstones, chosen by you, will be set into your custom jewelry design. From the moment you approve the CAD images and/or wax mold, it will take our Custom Jewelers approximately 2-3 weeks to finish your custom jewelry design. 

You Will Be the Architect Behind the Custom Jewels that You Design.

Our team of Custom Design Specialists will work with you throughout the process. We will guide you as you go through each of the steps listed below to so you custom design experience is fun and goes smoothly. Designing custom jewelry is exciting and memorable as well as an investment in your life and we want to make sure your custom piece of jewelry is the excellent design you have been imagining. Our team will provide you with ideas and suggestions throughout the process to help convey your ideas to our CAD specialist as your design takes shape and then on to the custom artisan jeweler who ultimately will be making your design become a reality. Your may desire a new setting and mount for a diamond or gemstone you have had for years, you be picking out colorful gemstones to make a one of a kind piece of jewelry, or custom designing the perfect engagement ring to hold the sparkling diamond you have selected. However you decide to design your custom ring or jewelry, Kranich's will work with you offering realistic suggestions and helpful advice, but you will be the architect behind the custom jewel that you design with us.

We look forward to assisting you in making your custom jewelry design and thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the special events in your life.

Nothing Says, "I Love You" More Than a Custom Designed and Artisan Crafted Ring. 

custom engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary rings and jewelry are not as expensive as you may think

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