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Marquise Diamond Rings

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About Marquise Diamond Rings

Enthused by the smile of Marquise de Pompadour, the Marquise cut diamonds have long been considered distinct and a perfectionist's diamonds, considering the complexity with which the cut has to be made. The brilliance of the Marquise diamond depends upon its shape and the designers at Kranich's have taken every care to preserve that authentic 'little boat' look of the diamond. The edges of the ring will be elongated at the ends to give the cut its distinct look. Fondly referred to as Navette cut, this Marquise cut diamond originally has 56 facets and is well-admired by the designers and the patrons alike.

Kranich's takes pride in its Marquise cut diamond rings collection and you should see for yourself how breath-takingly elegant each diamond ring is. Let your imagination wander and choose the ring that perfectly suits the 'vena amoris' of your love. Kranich's magical collection of diamond rings, bracelets and earrings will make you keep coming for more.

Kranich's is thrilled to make available our diverse Marquise Diamond Ring selection. Running a selection of styles and sizes, we're sure you'll be able to find the perfect Marquise Cut Ring for you from our collection! The beautiful, classical marquise cut has been a hallmark of elegance and refinement dating back to the French renaissance, and now, thanks to famed designers such as Simon G and Ritani, you can grab a piece of that classical elegance for yourself. Browse through our selection and find the perfect marquise cut ring that captivates you!

Choose a Marquise Diamond Ring and pronounce your engagement with the height of opulence and style! This stunning collection has been carefully put together by Kranich's, featuring a selection of unrivalled Marquise Diamond Rings by notable jewelery crafters from all over the globe. Are you planning on taking the next step in your relationship and making a lasting commitment? Finding the perfect piece to symbolise your affections, may prove to be a challenge. Here at Kranich's you won't be defeated! We offer a leading range of beautiful pieces that are built to last and be cherished. The Marquise Cut Diamond is riddled in history and fancies, constituting in it being a timeless and romantic choice. A perfect selection for your impending nuptials!

Our collection features an incredible diverse array of designs that will appeal to a range of tastes and budgets, take a look and see for yourself! For classic breathtaking styles, Simon G and Ritani have created some stunning designs that are a perfect pick for a fairytale engagement! Why not pick one of the wedding sets available? These fantastic offers, feature Marquise Diamond Rings with their corresponding Wedding Bands, a great choice that proves to be much more affordable as well as a perfect match! Browse through this stunning Marquise Diamond Ring collection and pick up the perfect piece that will have her saying, Yes!