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A Family Owned Jeweler Since 1903

Thank You

We appreciate those of you who have reached out to us via Facebook or Email letting us know you look forward to seeing us when we return.  The spirit of community has been amazing during these difficult times. We support local business and we Thank You for doing the same.  In order to show our gratitude we have published coupon code THANKYOU20 to be used at checkout to save an extra 20% off on items priced on our website. 


We would also like to encourage you to email us if there is a piece of jewelry you can't find on our website or isn't priced on our website.  Our site does not represent all our inventory or availability.  To show our gratitude and sense of community, anyone who contacts us now prior to our reopening will receive special VIP PRICING.  Email that you are interested in this program.  You are welcome to include what you have interest in purchasing.  You will be included in VIP pricing when we re-open.  Your patience will be rewarded.