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Penn State Lion and Paw Print Necklace Pendant and Charms

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About Penn State Lion and Paw Print Necklace Pendant and Charms


Beautiful Lion Necklaces for Penn State Graduates, Alumni and Fans!
Jewelry is Always a Wonderful Gift.

Charms and Pendants are Magical in Bringing Joy to the Graduate and Fan. Give a Lovely Necklace as a Gift!

Penn State's University Seal, bold lion head logo, the Nittany lion cat and the always popular paw print necklaces are artistically presented in fine gold, sterling silver, slick enamel designs and sparkling gem stones. For that special grad or fan who bleeds blue and white, honor them and their alma matter with on of these alluring Lion Country gleaming necklace pendants, charms and even a gorgeous, sparkling brooch. Award a quality pendant to the lady or gentleman Lion athlete, musician, creative or scholar, one of these beautifully crafted necklace pendants or charms is sure to earn their dear affection.

Pendants and Charm Necklaces for the Clever Lioness and the Dashing Lions!
Heartwarming Pride is displayed in Gleaming Gold and Silver with Glittering Gems in Lion Designed Jewelry!

Browse this large seletion of PSU necklace pendants and charms to see our variety of Lions, Pendants. Shields, Paw Prints, Lion Heads, Letters and Full Body Lions!
For the men we have the bold and powerful Nittany Lion Head Logo and Paw Print Pendants in quality sterling silver or 14kt yellow gold with blue enamel. The feel of a warm pendant to reflect your school spirit is a wonderful thing. Recognize their Penn State Pride with a Lion necklace pendant or charm!

Gold, Silver, Diamond, Blue White Enamel Necklace Pendant and Charms for Penn State Lions and Lioness's!

We have a large selection of Penn State Jewelry and Gifts to suit every style.

Carry on the tradition and buy that heartfelt gift for your Penn Stater or for yourself.
Every time you look at your Penn State Jewelry, feel the joy as a smile spreads across your face and your mind wonders into memories from Happy Valley, PA!

Fun, Casual or Formal Penn State Jewelry and Gifts.
Feel the Love and Honor a Tradition. . .


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