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Princess Cut Diamond Rings

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About Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Preferred by the fashionistas, the Princess cut diamond that has originated in the hands of a Dutch jeweler, has become popular in the recent past. Shaped like an inverted prism, this diamond has been sloughed off at its edges in 90 degrees angle to give its square body a beveled look. Sporting 58 facets of dazzling brilliance, the centre stone stands erect, exhibiting each and every contour in great detail. The diamond looks imposing and elevated from the rest of the body and stands in full glory with its head high. Treat your daughter, wife, lover or a friend as a princess with these Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings. The Princess cut diamond solitaire would be perfect to make an irresistible proposal to your lover.

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The Princess Cut is frequently used to refer to more than just an elegant cut of diamond, but frequently refers to a specific sort of mount that Princess Cut Diamond Rings rest in. When combined, these truly breathtaking gems maximize the light seen through them for an effect that is simply marvelous, and nowhere is this more evident than in our selection of Princess Cut Engagement Bands, a series of rings from prominent designers featuring the princess cut diamond in its full beauty, scattering a fantastic prism of light from its every facet. When you get ready to pop the question, take a look at our fantastic princess cut engagement bands for a ring she won't be able to help but say yes to.

For a fanciful engagement in true fairytale style, a Princess Cut Diamond Ring is the undeniable choice for her! The princess cut is one of the most romantic diamond cuts to this day, treat your special lady as she royally deserves and find her the perfect piece that she has always dreamed of! Kranich's has put together a collaboration of celebrated jewelry designers, providing you easy access to a whole host of Princess Cut Diamond Rings. Browse through this collection and see which designs appeal to her senses!

Modern-day beauties will love the surprising designs and contemporary twists featured within this Princess Cut Diamond Ring selection. Looking for something truly unique? How about a Princess Cut Diamond Ring with a whimsical splash of color? Kranich's offers a great choice of designs featuring sunny yellow or sea-blue Diamonds, plus many more startling colors to choose from, have a look and see for yourself! Lovers of classic design, will fall head over heels for the visionary traditional designs available within this collection of Princess Cut Diamond Rings, choose from a range of styles that dreams are made of! Take a look through this gorgeous selection today and find a piece to sweep her off her feet, here at Kranich's!