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About Rings

Kranich's proudly offers a truly spectacular selection of Scott Kay Rings from our selection of Scott Kay Jewelry! For novel pieces that are dripping in the highest quality and avant-garde styles, Scott Kay Rings are incomparable to the rest!

Atypical to most jewelry designers is the Scott Kay Platinum Ring range. His use of this fine metal, has contributed to it's reawakening within America craft’s scene. Platinum has rarely been seen and had effectively been forgotten since it's ban from ornamental use in World War II . However, luckily for all you jewelry lovers Scott Kay has put this luscious metal firmly back on the style map! Alongside the Scott Kay Platinum is the stunning Scott Kay Palladium Rings selection available. Scott Kay has additionally introduced the use of this rare and lustrous silvery-white metal into his unique designs! Browse through this magnificent, unique collection of Scott Kay Platinum Rings and Palladium pieces and see for yourself!

This exquisite collection of Rings by Scott Kay Jewelry is divided into two main style categories; Fashion and Bridal. The Rings featured in the fashion section stand to attention with their noted weave design. The inspiration for this method of craftsmanship derives from the ancient heritage attached with weaving. This being that weaving has been used throughout history to protect humans from the elements as well as creating strength and beauty. When choosing a Scott Kay Ring you are getting beautiful pieces riddles with meaning and ancient traditions.

The Scott Kay Bridal collection, includes two sections; Vintage and Contemporary. Making his designs more accessible to the tastes and wants of all. Take a look at the stunning Scott Kay Diamonds within these collections, crafted into classic or modern styles. Check out this breathtaking collection, here at Kranich's and find a piece that reflects your own personal style!