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Simon G Harper's Bazaar at Kranich's

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About Simon G Harper's Bazaar at Kranich's

Kranich's is Proud to Present These Special, Designer Simon G Fine Jewelry Pieces as Featured in Harper's Bazaar Magazine.

Harper's Bazaar magazine featured the intricate styles of Simon G.

A leader in the style and fashion industry, Harper's Bazaar recognizes the quality and craftsmanship of designer Simon G's fine jewelry. Featuring the work of designers from all around the world, Simon G has a perfect look for you. Whether your style is laid back casual or Hollywood glamor, you'll find the Simon G jewelry pieces you love right here at Kranich's Jewelers. The timeless style and elegance of Simon G designer fine jewelry will be worn and cherished for generations. Celebrate your good taste in exquisitely styled designer jewelry by investing in a gorgeous Simon G creation. Whether you are giving or receiving on of Simon G's artisan crafted jewels, you will thrill in the beauty every time you gaze upon it.

Celebrate your good taste in expertly styled designer jewelry by investing in a gorgeous Simon G creation.

With its exquisite style and attention detail, you’ll feel fit for the red carpet. True to Simon’s vision, his collections are high quality, handcrafted pieces that are very reasonably priced. As it states in Harper’s Bazaar mission statement, “We are fashion. Both a visual muse and an unrivaled source of ownable style, we turn the unexpected into the coveted.” We hope that you covet your Simon G jewelry from Kranich’s Jewelers.

Owning a Simon G Designer Piece of Jewelry is an Attainable Investment & Pleasure.

Reasonable Priced Quality Fine Jewelry by Designer Simon G.

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