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SK Cobalt

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About SK Cobalt

Kranich's proudly offers the latest from Scott Kay, Cobalt Mens Rings and Cobalt Wedding Rings for Men! Find these latest styles at Kranichs!

Scott Kay Cobalt is a robust range of powerful designs, using the world's most superior, state-of-the-art metal: BioBlu 27. A high purity, high performance material that presents a unique mix of strength which is scratch resistant! For the first time ever this deluxe metal has been used for crafting Cobalt Jewelry, engineered and created by the innovative and ingenious Scott Kay! This selection of Cobalt Rings radiate strength and vigour, with its industrial style design and material choice, this is an extremely appealing choice for a man's man.

Kranichs is very proud to boast Scott Kay Mens Wedding a collection that is connected and focused on the wants and tastes of a man. With a special union taking place, it is important that both members are fully included and involved. With Mens Cobalt he will be just as excited as her when it comes to putting on the rings, a ring that he will never want to take off! This stylish selection of Mens Wedding Rings comes in eight stylish designs, that each carry their own meaning, find the design that is significant to him!

Scott Kay Cobalt is a ground breaking collection. Representing beauty, love and strength that can not be tarnished. These pieces have been engineered with a metal that is eternally unscathed, and the concept between each design has been carefully thought out to symbolise meaningful attributes to pass down the family line. Such as, strength, courage and battles fought for love, these are the attributes that represent the Troy Cobalt Mens collection.

Take a look through this gallant, contemporary Cobalt Rings collection and find the piece that best represents your personal qualities and style. Choose Scott Kay for a meaningful, masculine symbol of love.