Eco Friendly Business Practices

At Kranich's Jewelers we take efforts to conserve energy whenever possible. Here a just a few examples of our eco friendly measures.

  • For both functionality and energy consumption, we are converting our computer terminals to laptops over desktops. The last 8 computers we purchased were laptops, greatly reducing both the amount of power consumed compared to a standard desktop as well as the physical space taken up by a larger unit.

  • 90% of all computers used on the corporate network are automatically powered down nightly saving at least 8 hours of engery per terminal per day.

  • Our lighting has been converted to halide & LED showing a dramatic difference of 123 watts compared to 350 watts.

  • We zone our stores so minimal lights are used while setting up and closing, only using full zones during regular business hours.

  • Our corporate offices, conference room, break room, employee restroom and storage rooms lights are on motion detectors or timers, allowing them to automatically shut off when no associates are in those areas.

  • In store heating is controlled via programmable thermostats, which conserve energy output by reducing heating or cooling during non business hours.

  • Some corporate associates work in State College two days per week due to proximity to their respective residences.

  • Computer troubleshooting in satellite stores is remotely done from our corporate office greatly reducing on location tech support driving to the stores.

Kranich’s Jewelers, 5580 Goods Ln. Suite 1079, Altoona, PA 16602, United States, Phone: 814 944 5454