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ArtCarved Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands and Diamond Bands

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About ArtCarved Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands and Diamond Bands

ArtCarved Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands and Diamond Bands

Enjoy the ArtCarved Heritage of Skilled Artistry in Diamond Engagement and Wedding Ring Craftsmanship

Celebrate the most important moments in your life with exquisitely designed diamond engagement rings and stunning wedding bands created with the utmost appreciation of the beauty and emotion you will experience. Capturing the hearts of women everywhere, ArtCarved Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands have set the standards in quality craftsmanship of uniquely beautiful fine jewelry since it was founded in 1850.

ArtCarved understands what inspires consumers and has designed fine jewelry to fit lives and personal style for generation after generation.
This long and rich tradition of understanding our consumer's lives has been passed down once again.
By speaking with a relevant new voice to a whole new generation of Millennials through a wide range of fine jewelry in a variety of styles, a whole new world of ArtCarved has emerged. Tradition, authenticity, high quality and beautiful bride and groom ring design. These values have solidified ArtCarved's strong reputation as a fine and bridal jewelry leader in the hearts and minds of consumers and retailers alike.

Fun Fact About ArtCarved

In the 1940's, during WWII, the production of jewelry was ceased by congress to redistribute metals for the war. ArtCarved became the only jewelry brand allowed to continue making wedding rings. We popularized the dual ring ceremony, where each married person receives a ring to commemorate their love. Thus began a tradition of rings being exchanged as a sign of enduring love and commitment - a tradition that continues to this day, around the world.

ArtCarved Rings. Sparkling Diamond Engagement Rings. Bridal Ring Sets. Wedding Bands For the Bride and Groom.

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