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Asscher Cut Diamond Rings

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About Asscher Cut Diamond Rings

Bearing the name of its designer, Joseph Asscher, who is said to have mined the largest diamond of the era, the Cullinan diamond, the Asscher cut has found a respectable place in the Art Deco jewelry. The Asscher cut diamond often has square, rectangular, oblong shapes with octagonal like appearance laying more emphasis on the steps that get reduced as they descend upon the culasse. Also known as the table cut, the step cut and the square emerald cut, this diamond cut in time gave rise to the now popular emerald cut. Known to exhibit the ridges of the diamond in their full glory this cut has good many takers even today.

What a lovely thing to do to propose with an Asscher Cut Diamond Ring! Nobody can resist its charm and splendor. A medley of Asscher cut diamond rings, bracelets, earrings and a vast collection of bridal jewelry is awaiting your arrival at Kranich's. Allow to be swept away by the exquisite craftsmanship and timeless beauty of their Asscher Cut Diamond jewelry!

Kranich's is proud to present our luxurious collection of diamond rings featuring the exotic Asscher cut. Selecting an Asscher Cut Diamond Ring for yourself or your loved one sends a powerful message to all who see it about your unique sense of style and grace. A retro classic making a huge comeback in the diamond world today, the Asscher Cut Diamond Ring is a timeless treasure, one that must be truly seen to be believed. The radiance and elegance that emanates from the crisp edges of this cut are simply stunning! Select an Asscher cut diamond ring from our collection for an engagement or as a gift and watch her eyes shine! Featuring designs by world-renowned crafters like Simon G, we're certain you'll find a fantastic Asscher cut diamond ring to tak her breath away!