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DOG FEVER Earrings ~ Adorn Your Ears with Your Sweet Pup's Face.

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About DOG FEVER Earrings ~ Adorn Your Ears with Your Sweet Pup's Face.

DOG FEVER Earrings Your Sweet Pup's Face Right Next to Your!

Dog Fever Earrings are Adorable, Fine Earrings for Dog Owners Whose Dog is Their Best Bud.

Dog Fever is an exclusive line of sterling silver jewelry that represents man’s best friend. A collection which symbolizes a unique bond and makes the relationship between you and your dog even more special. A brand that is completely made in Italy. Our Dog Fever Earring collection available at Kranich's jewelers are fine sterling silver and enamel earrings sure to please you and all the dog owners you know who love their dog. Wear your sweet dog's face on a Dog Fever Earring. Our dog friends show us love, laughs and companionship and a Dog Fever Earring reminds us of all the entertainment our pet gives us. These charming handmade, quality dog earrings are cast in sterling silver then hand enameled to colorful likenesses of the dog breed you choose. Any dog owner would be delighted to receive a pair of Dog Fever Earring of their good-looking pup. Indulge yourself and display your affection for your best canine friend. Men and women alike will love these Dog Fever Earrings. You will find the perfect dog earring right here made with love. Order your specific dog breed earring or pair of earrings and you can be sure, all your dog lover friends will notice the sweet little puppy peeking out next to your face. Dog Fever Earrings are the perfect gift for dog lovers.

Dog Fever Earrings are Simply Irresistible! Get these Earrings for Men and Women.

Enjoy the delightful little face of your dog, hand designed in Italy of sterling silver and illustrated in colored enamel for the realistic look. Everyone will love these super cute earrings of your best canine friend. Your pet can be with you all day. The Dog Fever Dog Earrings show your enthusiasm for the characteristics and personality specific to your dog's breed. Dog Fever Earrings are beautiful gifts for the dog lover! Order a pair of Dog Fever Earrings for yourself and the other pet lovers in your life. A pet jewelry gift that will simply melt your heart.

Be Captivated as You Browse the DOG FEVER Earring Selections.

Delight in Your Dog's Sweet Face on a Pair of Earrings.

American Staffordshire, Bull Terrier, Chihuahua, English Bulldog, French Bulldog, German Shepherd, Labrador, Pug,


* Dog Fever Earrings the sweet face of your best dog friend.
* Dog Fever Earrings are handmade in sterling silver or enamel on sterling.
* Dog Fever Earrings created in the image of your favorite dog breed.
* Dog Fever Earrings are the perfect gift for devoted dog lovers.
* Dog Fever Earrings will delight you every time you look at them.
* Great for Men, Women and Children!

Check Out All the Styles of DOG FEVER Earrings at Kranich's and Order Yours Today!

The Adorable Dog Fever Earrings Will Make You Fall in "Puppy Love" Buy a Dog Earring for Yourself and the Other Dog Lovers You Know!

Call 888-944-4575, Chat or Visit Kranich's if you want to speak to one of our helpful experts. We enjoy helping our customers with meaningful gifts of from this Dog Fever jewelry collection.