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Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

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About Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Emerald cut diamonds offer simplicity, a sense of humbleness and an air of subdued grandness that slowly takes a toll on your heart and makes you fall for it if you gaze upon it for long. Initially developed to cut emeralds, this cut has slowly made its way to diamonds and other gem stones due to its delicate workmanship that involves less facets but wider flames of light. A square or rectangular stone with slashed corners is specially designed to amplify the colors and to ensure that good amount of light gets reflected.

Emerald cut diamonds used with accent gems like yellow and blue stones, emeralds and solitaire make for luxuriant engagement rings. When you are looking for a diamond ring that is less-traditional but honest in its craft, Emerald cut diamond engagement ring might be a perfect gift for your lover. Kranich's has a bewitching collection of engagement rings, bridal jewelry, bands, ear rings and pendants. Visit Kranich's today to make them yours!

Kranich's is thrilled to make available our Emerald Cut Diamond Ring selection, including several emerald cut diamond rings, and emerald cut diamond pendants, among others. Featuring designs by such renowned names in jewelry as Simon G and Ritani, these striking emerald cut diamond rings are ideal both as emerald cut diamond solitaires and as the center piece of a gorgeous emerald cut diamond pendant or emerald cut diamond bracelet. Bring the timeless emerald cut home today with our selection of fantastic jewelry featuring emerald cut diamonds!

Looking to buy a truly special gift for the lady in your life? Whether it's a birthday treat or a holiday celebration you are sure to find the perfect piece to make this occasion a day to remember! This designer Emerald Cut Jewelry range features a whole host of dazzling designs that are dripping with opulence and style. The magnitude of the cut and stunning arrangement of these pieces, will create maximum effect, that will not go unnoticed. Choose between a range of noted designers and jewelry styles and find the perfect piece for her to cherish.

If you have a certain proposal in mind, why not sweep her off her feet with an Emerald Cut Diamond Ring? The Emerald Cut Ring is a timeless, classic choice, a perfect symbol for an everlasting love. Browse through the dazzling pieces available here at Kranich's. The Emerald Cut Collaboration featured here, is a great way of sifting through and finding the piece that will appeal to her personal style. All of these designs feature an Emerald Cut Diamond, however, the designers have all put there personal spin on every creation. For example, if you are looking for a classic design with a modern twist, Stardust carries stunning pieces which feature a yellow Emerald Cut Diamond as it's centre piece, a truly inspirational piece! Browse through this fantastic Emerald Cut Diamond Ring selection available here at Kranich's and pick up something that is guaranteed to take her breath away!