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Frederic Sage Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

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About Frederic Sage Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Kranich's Offers Diamond Engagement Rings and Rich Wedding Band Selections from Frederick Sage, the Award-Winning Designer of Stunning Wedding Rings for Men and Women

Frederic Sage’s passion for jewelry began when he was exposed to the precious jewel industry as a child. His father, an importer of precious gemstones for over forty years, passed many years of expertise on to Frederic. He expanded his knowledge in the industry when he attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where he studied Art History and Textile Design. Upon graduating, he was given the opportunity to design for a leading textile manufacturer. With a unique perspective and an eye for color, Frederic created designs that were distributed both domestically and internationally. During that time, he traveled to over 50 different countries and lived in major cities such as Milan, Paris, Barcelona and Lisbon. He eventually pursued his childhood dream of designing and creating fine jewelry. Frederic Sage's vast knowledge of the design and jewelry industry makes him a connoisseur in a broad spectrum of jewelry. His diamond engagement ring and wedding ring collections are a refreshing departure from typical designs.

“To Create Classic Jewelry with a Twist That Will Withstand the Test of Time…For All Women.”

That is a quote from Frederic Sage who has won multiple awards for his spectacular jewelry designs. His meticulously creative settings are crafted with the highest attention to every detail. Frederic Sage's diamond engagement and wedding rings will wrap your fingers in luxurious comfort and exceptional style... with a twist!

Designer Frederic Sage is an Award-Winning Artist, Who Creates Quality Diamond Engagement Rings in Enchanting Styles and Finely Crafted Wedding Bands for Men and Women.

Frederic Sage collections are described as contemporary with a twist and are intended for the modern woman. Frederic loves to take traditional designs and update them. For example, many of his bridal rings feature twisting designs, split shanks, and exciting two-tone gold combinations. He does, however, have an array of diverse looks and price points to satisfy different tastes.

Frederic Sage's Sparkling Diamond Engagement Rings, Bridal Sets, and Selection of Wedding Bands are available at Kranich's Jewelers in an Array of Diverse Looks and Price Points to Satisfy Different Tastes.

* Expert Craftsmanship Frederic Sage Rings uses gleaming precious metals and quality gems.
* Designer Quality Frederic Sage Rings are uniquely crafted with a focus on modern women's style.
* Sleek Styles Frederic Sage wedding bands are expertly detailed in splendid gems or understated luxury.
* Sparkling Diamond Rings by Frederic Sage gorgeous diamond engagement ring settings for maximum sparkle.
* Heirloom Quality Each Frederic Sage ring is artisan crafted to be admired for generations.
* Beautiful Selections Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands from Frederic Sage are offered in varieties to please every taste.

Frederic Sage has Always Been Intrinsically Motivated to Create and is Constantly Thinking of New Designs and Collections – His Imagination is Endless.

Frederic Sage, won several awards from the American Gem Trade Association and offers exclusive designs in diamond engagement rings, and graceful styles of wedding bands. The stunning details that will impress and please a modern bride. Browse the brilliance and sparkle of the Frederic Sage collection. Diamond Bridal Sets, Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands for men and women from fine jewelry designer Frederic Sage. For the modern bride, view the twist styles, a unique look Frederic Sage has designed with beauty and comfort in mind.

Our expert jewelers at Kranich's Jewelers will help you find the perfect Frederic Sage Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band to complete your forever promise. We provide exceptional service for our customers everywhere in the USA. Ask for quotes and recommendations, we offer financing to make this special purchase easy for you so you can enjoy life's special moments.

We Specialize in Assisting You in the Selection and Purchase of Your Frederic Sage Diamond Engagement Ring.
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Kranich's Jewelers is proud to offer Designer Frederic Sage Jewelry! Here you'll find our collection of Frederic Sage Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands!

Kranich's Frederic Sage Bridal collection will express your love and devotion to your bride by choosing the perfect rings from the splendid Frederic Sage Engagement and Wedding Rings selections. These gorgeous designs, cuts and settings feature Modern and Contemporary designs, in both the Frederic Sage Wedding Bands and Diamond Engagement Ring Designs. Whether you're interested in a traditional or modern-day symbol of your love and commitment you will find it in Frederic Sage Designer Wedding Rings!

Each ring exudes excellent craftsmanship and are true symbols of beauty and love. View the unique Frederic Sage Collection. Frederic designs each piece with a deep connection and takes pride in every jewel he creates, "I see each of them as a unique piece of art." _ Frederic Sage

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