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January Deep Red Garnet Birthstone

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About January Deep Red Garnet Birthstone

Gorgeous Deep Red Garnets Adorn January Birthstone Jewelry

The deep, blood red of the Garnet Birthstone makes for jewelry that is as breathtaking as it is bold. Kranich's is proud to stock a wide selection of Genuine Garnet Jewelry, including garnet birthstone rings, genuine garnet earrings, pendants, and more. Whether you have a special January birthday in mind or it is your birthday month, or you just love the garnet, these simply beautiful pieces of genuine garnet jewelry are the way to give your look some character and class. Check out our complete selection.

January - Garnet is Your Birthstone

People with a garnet birthstone tend to be a unique blend of analytical and compassionate.
They can make order out of chaos with a snap of the fingers. They might be the "parent" of the group, who makes adult decisions with compassion.

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