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Pear Shapped Diamond Rings

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About Pear Shapped Diamond Rings

Pear Shaped diamonds are one of the most enticing designer entities of the contemporary jewelry. Also known as tear shaped, this cut portrays an interesting blend of oval and marquise cuts and does not sport any table or edge. With high refracting quality, this cut offers luxuriant shimmer from which you can hardly take your eyes off. With 58 facets sans table, this tear shaped cut offers an elegant design and makes for great pendants and ear rings.
Whether you are proposing to your lover or expressing your love towards her, Pear shaped diamond engagement rings would prove to be an excellent choice. Kranich's offers an array of rings studded with interesting blend of solitaire, designer rubies and blue stones with pear shaped diamonds. Designs of these rings include -Fully-mounted, semi-mounted, 3-tier rings and bridal rings etc. Kranich's versatile craftsmanship is evident in its vintage jewelry as well as the contemporary stylish collections that will leave you spell-bound. Visit Kranich's to see for yourself!
Kranich's is pleased to offer a fantastic Pear Shaped Diamond Ring array! This beautiful, classic cut is available in several shapes and fashions from our broad catalog of rings featuring the distinctive and enchanting shape. Pear shaped diamond rings are the perfect combination of beauty and tradition, and Kranich's is proud to offer them as engagement rings, bridal sets, and as stunning fashion accessories. Featuring offerings by such designers as Ritani and Simon G, our vast selection of these beautiful rings will have you simply enchanted with the creative and beautiful use of Pear Shaped Diamonds as both center stones and side stones.
If you're looking for a stunning ring as a gift or for your oncoming engagement, Pear Shape Diamond Rings are a gorgeous, timeless, understated choice. Some of the world's most famous and celebrated diamonds bear the distinctive Pear Shape. Bearing a similar shape to that of the Round Brilliant but with a marvelous, elongated point, Pear Shape Diamond Rings emphasize the length of the wearer's finger to create an image of depth and scintillating clarity. Browse through our collection of pear shaped diamond rings today!