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About SEA

Kranich's proudly presents the very best in Luminox Dive Watches from the Luminox SEA collection. Featuring an array of Luminox EVO and Lumionx Dive models to choose from. These handsome designs are the perfect pairing for an adventurous individual, find the timepiece that connects to your lifestyle.

If you like to make the most of your leisure time,or if your work involves being at one with the elements, you can't get wrong by choosing the perfect accessory that reflects your risk-taking spirit. The Luminox Colormark designs are a perfect example of the types of pieces included within this collection, the special features found within these designs include the date and time inside of a 44mm diameter PC carbon reinforced case. For added affect these pieces are also water resistant for up to 600 meters. A courageous man requires a watch that is fitting to his lifestyle, the Luminox SEA range ensures that you will always have the time at your fingertips. No need to fiddle around removing your watch strap, these Luminox Dive Watches will remain your companion throughout your adventures, ensuring that you never get stuck for time!

Take a look through this handsome range and find a piece that appeals to your sense of style. Choose from a range of designs that cater to a variety of individual needs and tastes. For a bright and beautiful design the Luminox Navy SEAL with a yellow dial is a fantastic choice. Not only is this design highly attractive and up-to-date, it is also acknowledged for it's carefully engineered strength. It's tempered scratch resistant mineral glass crystal and self powered illumination system are just a couple of the fantastic features included within this design. There are a number of other designs that can be found within this collection that have handsome colorful arrangements that are worked into the design. Browse through the Luminox Sea collection and choose from the Luminox Dive and many more selections available here at Kranich's!