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Verragio's Venetian Collection of Exquisite, Glimmering Designer Diamond Engagement Rings and Diamond Wedding Band Sets.

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About Verragio's Venetian Collection of Exquisite, Glimmering Designer Diamond Engagement Rings and Diamond Wedding Band Sets.

The Romantic Venetian Diamond Engagement Rings and Diamond Wedding Bands from Verragio will Enchant Her Forever, Like the Sparkling Waters of Venice.

Skilled Artistry is Presented in the Elegant Vintage Styled Filigree and Intricate Diamond and Beadwork Settings of the Venetian Designer Diamond Ring Collection by Verragio.

Verragio's Fabulous Venetian Collection is the spectacular evolution of Venetian Artisans of Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands.

With the start of the 17th century Renaissance jewelry evolved gradually into a new style. Primarily it was colored precious stones that graced fine jewelry, but soon, the Diamond took absolute precedence over all other elements of fine settings in ring design. Metalwork and color were quite subordinate to the new glittering diamond cuts available in the 1600s.
Venice was the wealthiest city and the principal port in Europe during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and Florence was the leading artistic center of the time. Out of these city-states poured painters, architects, and sculptors, many began their study of art with the craft of goldsmithing. The design skills gleaned through the technical artistry of jewelry craftsmanship served to be an apprenticeship that led to other more elegant jewelry designs. Hence the stunning Venetian Collection by Verragio's design studios reflect this expert craft.

* Sparkling Diamond Halos to wrap your Featured Diamond.

* Elegant Lace Scrollwork enhances the profile and crown of your diamond ring.

* Beautiful Bands designed as a Tiara Crown styled to mount your chosen diamond.

* Make-It-Yours Customizable Options to design your unique diamond ring.

* Romantic Lace Profiles and Double shank designs.

* Two-tone shank and bezel settings.

* Intricate detailed finishing with French beading.

* Vintage Styled in Rose and White Gold.

* Comfortable Fit.

Indulge in Mountains of Glittering Faceted Diamonds on Intricate Lacey Scrollwork Bands Describe the Opulence of Verragio's Venetian Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands. Romantic Vintage Style.

In the Middle Ages, most stones were cabochon style – rounded, polished, but not at all faceted.
As a result of trade in the fourteenth century, new sources of stones appeared and new cuts were created.
Like the original traders of Italian Renaissance Venice, Kranich's enjoys presenting this elegant collection of Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands from the Venetian Collection. Verragio's unique band designs with ornate diamond shanks in gold and platinum are more than worthy of the setting's lacey mounts.
Faceted white diamonds in expert cuts that include: asscher, cushion, diamond, princess, radiant, round and square diamond cuts. Take the time to view the details of these quality diamond settings. You will surely fall in love with the beauty of the Venetian collection.

Venetian Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands from Verragio have a Vintage Style with Romantic Lace and Intricate Bead Work.

Wrapped her in a Venetian Diamond Ring to Enchant your Bride and Express your Love.

Kranich's Knowledgeable Jewelers will assist you in making the selection that is right for you and your chosen one, you have come to the right place!

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