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About Verragio Designer Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings, Bridal Sets Wedding Bands Customizable

Verragio Designer Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and Bands, Diamond Bridal Sets

Verragio Designer Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands are Unlike any Other Diamond Engagement Ring or Wedding Band.

What more fitting expression of your love and passion than a proposal of marriage with the gift of a Verragio Diamond Engagement Ring?

Present Your Intended with a Spectacular Verragio Designer Diamond Engagement Ring that will Enchant Her for the Rest of Your Lives Together.
If you are planning to start a new chapter with the one you love, and you are searching for a gorgeous engagement ring designed to match your sentiments, consider Designer Verragio Diamond Engagement Rings, Bridal Sets, and Wedding Bands for Men and Women. Here at Kranich’s Jewelers we are please to present the magnificence of the diamond engagement ring settings available within the Verragio Designer Ring collections. Your investment in a Verragio Diamond Engagement Ring is proof of the everlasting love you have for each other.

* Exclusive diamond engagement ring settings, for round, princess, emerald and other diamond cuts.
* Choose platinum, white gold, rose gold, and two-tone settings for your Verragio diamond ring and wedding rings and bands.
* Customizable options make a Verragio designer engagement ring and band uniquely yours.
* Affordable options for buying a wedding ring or engagement ring on a budget.
* “Fit-Right” sizing help diamond and wedding rings stay in place, fit comfortably, won’t spin, and displays your diamond glitter Magnificently!

Below is a brief description of the beauty and quality that go into the creation of each of Verragio’s meticulously crafted designer diamond ring collections.

* PARADISO ~ Means Paradise. Glittering Verragio Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Band Sets are designed to wear in perfect harmony. The Paradiso collection of diamond engagement rings, diamond bands, and wedding rings by Verragio are designed with diamond embellished double shanks and delicate lacey details to wrap her finger. Each Verragio Paradiso diamond ring is designed to fit in comfortable elegance and display maximum diamond sparkle.

* COUTURE ~ A wedding ring from Verragio Designer Diamond Ring Collection; “Couture” is exclusive of design and craftsmanship for those who desire the finer things in life. Verragio Couture is a refreshing look to a classic foundation in diamond rings, engagement rings and wedding rings. With a completely customizable profile, you can choose diamond rings with intensive full or half diamond riviera, double shank of solid or two-tone, yellow, white, rose gold or platinum...the sky is the limit with Verragio's Couture Diamond ring collection. The classy little black dress of designer diamond rings.

* INSIGNIA ~ Diamond Rings and Wedding Rings with Brilliant Regal Mountings and Designs. The Insignia Designer Diamond Ring Collection is inspired by the Verragio crown emblem. Available to customize and make uniquely yours. For your special diamond ring, engagement ring or wedding ring, choose designs of the halo, scrollwork, shank, and French beading. This Verragio opulent ring collection will make you feel like royalty. Inspired by royal crowns the Insignia Diamond and wedding ring collection are characterized by diamond studded scrolls and two-tone golden shanks that lift your center stone up in magnificence. Make an Insignia engagement ring yours by adding a custom touch to the scrollwork, French beading or both.

* VENETIAN ~ Present a diamond ring with mountains of glittering, faceted diamonds on intricate lacey scrollwork, diamond wedding rings and exquisite bridal ring sets. Indulge in the opulence of Verragio’ s Venetian diamond engagement rings and wedding bands with romantic vintage style. Embellished in glittering diamonds on intricate filigree bands. Enchanting and skillfully crafted by Verragio ring designers, the Venetian diamond engagement ring collection allows you to choose an elegant look for the often-unrecognized bottom portion of your engagement and wedding ring. Choose a unique rose or yellow gold lacework to express your individual style. With expert ring sizing and custom diamond ring and band options, together you can create an enduring symbol of your everlasting commitment.

* PARISIAN ~ Diamond rings, engagement rings, and wedding rings, ornately designed in French Baroque glamour and traditional styles of French beading and lace. Explore the Verragio romantic Parisian diamond engagement ring and wedding band collection. The designer Verragio Parisian ring collection offers four customizable wraps with most of the diamond ring setting style options. Parisian diamond ring styles start at an affordable price, so you won't have to sacrifice quality.

If you are on a strict budget to buy your diamond ring, engagement ring or wedding bands, consult our expert jewelers at Kranich’s.

We will help you design the perfect ring to fit your budget and we can finance qualified buyers so you can buy the diamond ring you really want.
Explore Verragio’ s dazzling engagement rings and wedding ring collections to see the impressive quality for yourself!
Allow Kranich’s Jewelers and Verragio Designers to guide you through each step of investing in the treasure of fine jewelry diamond rings and wedding ring sets for the bride and groom.

Sweep her off her feet, the Verragio Engagement Diamond Rings that you see here at Kranich’s Jewelers will do just that.

To begin your engagement, select a unique design to customize to your style and taste. Weather your bride is demure or flashy, you can create and exquisite diamond engagement ring to wow her!

Own a Verragio Diamond Ring, Engagement Ring or Wedding Band.

We can help you with financing to make your dream a reality.

Invest in a wedding band to match, present the Verragio wedding bands beautifully crafted with intricate details to make the perfect brid and groom set.

Following the engagement, as you plan to invest in purchasing a matching wedding band, our Verragio Wedding Rings and Diamond Wedding Bands are beautifully crafted with intricate details. Gorgeous diamond bridal ring sets and strikingly handsome Mens Gold Wedding Bands in Verragio Designer Collections are crafted to please a variety of style preferences. Verragio diamond ring settings and gleaming wedding bands are available in Platinum, 18k white gold or 18k yellow gold.

Verragio guarantees that your ring will be free of defects in material and workmanship.

Whether you prefer a quality, understated design or a glittering, sparkling diamond spectacle, you will find the perfect engagement diamond ring and wedding rings and bands in a Verragio Designer Collection.
Come in to our beautiful Kranich's Jewelry Store in Altoona, Pa., Johnstown, Pa., and State College, Pa. to feast your eyes on sparkling diamond rings and choose from our vast selection of stylish Verragio Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands for men and women.

Here at Kranich’s Jewelers we continue to be impressed and inspired by the impeccable quality Verragio Designers provide to our customers.
A spectacular Verragio Diamond Engagement Ring will remain cherished throughout your betrothal promise and forever into the future!

Designer Verragio Rings. Sparkling Diamond Engagement Rings. Bridal Ring Sets. Gold Wedding Bands for Men and Women.


Begin a new chapter with the one you love.

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