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A Family Owned Jeweler Since 1903

Cash For Gold

Kranich's Jewelers Will Pay You Cash for Gold Coins, Platinum and Diamond Fine Jewelry, Watches, Antique Coins, Estate Jewelry and Collectibles.

Your Pre-Owned Fine Antique Jewelry, Gold Coins and Collectibles May Be Sold for Cash.
Bring Your Hidden Treasures to Kranich's and Let Us Appraise Them for You.
Sell Your Unused, Broken or Neglected Gold, Diamond, or Precious Gemstone Jewelry.
Have Them Appraised for
Cash on the Spot.

Don't let the past keep you from building a better future. Here at Kranich's we understand the value that we hold in our old keepsakes, but at the same time we know that it's more important to be able to help support your family and friends in the present.  If you have any old fine jewelry, unused gold and sterling silverware, collectable coins, gold coins, platinum, diamonds, estate jewelry, fine watches or other valuable collectibles, we can help you get the cash out of them with a fair deal. Our experts will appraise your treasures and compensate you for them, in cash, on the spot. Or, you could use that antique or broken gold or diamond jewelry and trade it in for something sparkling and new as a gift for yourself, a loved one or commemorate a special event by trading on designing a new jewelry piece to give it new life.

We Pay You Cash on the Spot for Gold Coins, Fine Jewelry, Diamonds and Quality Watches:

Here are some items we may immediately compensate you for:

* Gold
* Gold Coins
* Gold Watches
* Antique Gold Watches
* Gold Jewelry
* Platinum
* Platinum Jewelry
* Platinum Watches
* Antique Platinum Watches
* Diamonds
* Diamond Jewelry
* Antique Diamond Watches
* Fine Watches in Disrepair
* Estate Jewelry
* Broken Gold Jewelry Old Coins
* Antique Coins
* Gold Coins
* Silver Coins
* Silver
* Gold and Sterling Silverware
* Silver Tableware
* Tea Sets
* Collectibles.

Do You Have Gold Coins, Fine jewelry, Watches, Broken or Unused Jewelry Just Stored Away?

Sell Them and Get the Cash You Need Today for Your Gold and Valuable Items!

If you have old gold antique and fine jewelry, coins or watches that are just being stored away, unused, broken or neglected and you would like to sell, bring them to one of our four Pennsylvania stores in Altoona, Johnstown, and in State College downtown or North Atherton Street locations. One of our experienced staff will make you an offer on the spot, it is that easy. To sell your gold, platinum, diamond and fine jewelry or antique collectibles, simply call Kranich's or chat online with one of our representatives to make an appointment. One of our experienced staff and will set a time convenient for you to come in to have your items evaluated for cash. Not local to one of our locations? We can discuss options too. Just give us a call.

Our Promise:
* No Obligation to Sell
* Free Verbal Appraisals
* Immediate Cash on the Spot
* Cash for Gold or Trade for New Jewelry
* Kranich's Jewelers Trusted for Over 100 Years
* Secure Transactions
* No Appointment Needed
* Discreet and Professional

Take Advantage NOW of High Gold Prices

The staff at Kranich's Jewelers stays informed about the ever changing market, so that we can help you get the most for your valuable treasures. We also offer store credit if there is an item you have had your eye on or something you would like to trade towards. Don't let your broken or unused items lay around any longer, bring your gold, diamons and fine treasures to Kranich's Jewelers and receive cash today, on the spot for your gold or get a new item for yourself or as a gift.

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